czwartek, 11 lipca 2013

Singapore skyline

It's been already two months since my semester in Asia came to an end. I look at the pictures of Singapore skyline and think of all the amazing people I got to know, breathtaking views I saw, 5 great moths of travelling, fried rice, and talks at the stairs of PGP at 5 am. Surprisingly, I barely have pictures from Marina Bay Sands area. On the other hand, I saw it a hundred times and won't forget what it looks like any time soon.

Marina Bay Sands and Art and Science Museum
Singapore skyline by night
And by day

The Merlion and Marina Bay Sands

With the Merlion - the mascot of Singapore



piątek, 5 lipca 2013

Formula 1 Petronas - Malaysia Grand Prix

I remember when I was a little girl and every Sunday I would watch Formula 1 with the male part of the family (grandpa, dad and brother). So when I got the chance to see it live in Malaysia I didn't hesitate long (especially since the tickets were super cheap compared to Europe - around $40). The event itself was one of the things I'm glad I did, but probably won't do again. There was one great disappoinment here - the cars were not moving as fast as I expected them to! Absurd as it may sound, I guess when you see them moving from the ground level it seems so much faster. Well, they do move 300 km/h so it's pretty fast. Anyways, it was also super loud, the earplugs were huge help, but still it was almost impossible to communicate with others. Still, great experience and a lot of fun! 


Taking a nap before the race
Super sharp picture of a bollid


Bollid of Robert Kubica, Polish racing driver!

czwartek, 4 lipca 2013

Chopin for Easter in Botanical Gardens

Monthly classical music concerts in Botanical Gardens in Singapore are a real treat for all music lovers. For Easter Polish Embassy organized a special concert of a polish pianist Mr. Grzegorz Kinda. Nice accent for my first Easter away from home - instead of traditional Easter breakfast I ate at Sumo Salad, so this concert made me feel a little more at home. Mr Kinda gave a wonderful performance of some of the greatest pieces of Chopin and other pianist. The amazing atmosphere of the amphitheater made the event more spectacular.

Mr. Grzegorz Kinda

Singaporeans enjoying the show

Credit to Walkenberg

Symphony Stage on the Lake

poniedziałek, 17 czerwca 2013

Zoo, Night Safari & Bird's Park

Singapore's Zoo and Night Safari are considered top attractions in Singapore. Once we spent there literally whole day. We started with breakfast with oragnutans at 9 (not sure if it's worth it, at least not for the orangutans - we didn't get to play with them, just posed for the pictures, but the breakfast was good - decent western style food). Then we walked around zoo for 8 hours and after having a delicious dinner at Bongo Buger Bar we did Night Safari. 
On another day we visited Bird's Park - much smaller than the zoo - 3 hours were enough to see everything.  It was great to see all these weird birds and find out totally random things. Did you know that pelicans can have as much as 13 liters in theirs peaks?! Insane! We also got to teach a parrot how to say 'hello' (great teaching skills Nadine!).

Breakfast with orangutans

My new friend

Delicious bongo lamb burger -
I could come back there just for it!

Zebra chairs





piątek, 19 kwietnia 2013

Eating out in Singapore

Another highlight (at least according to Lonely Planet) of Singapore - food. I don't really get it though - food is good, but not great. Here are some pictures from different dinners - trying to take a break from campus food without going bankrupt!

Chilli crab - the most famous Singaporean dish

Ready to get dirty while eating a crab

'Raj' restaurant in Little India. Soooo good!

Mariette, I had to add this picture <3

Mexican in Dempsey Hill

Food court in Holland Village

Omnomnom. Japanese at Esplanade

Well, not dinner, but breakfast. 
Being able to eat oatmeal here makes me so happy!


On our way to KL we made a stop in Melaka - beautiful colonial city on the south-western coast of Malaysia. In scorching heat we explored its museums (never saw so many museums in one place, there were literally all streets of only museums!) and delicious food. The highlight of our day was Baba-Nonya Heritage Museum. Three connected houses showcase Perankan life and culture as a friendly and funny guide introduce you to it. As for the food - Indian again! I love Malaysia for its amazing Indian food - I will definitely miss it when my semester abroad comes to an end.

In front of the Baboon House,
great restaurant/art gallery

Almost like Thailand

Trying to stay fit

Flora de la Mar Maritime Museum 

Gecko from South America in Sounteast Asia

St. Paul Hill

In front of Christ Church on Dutch Square

Amazing Indian Food - Pak Putra Pandoori & Naan
Restaurant.It took as some time to find
this place, definitely worth it!

Beautiful sunset

Funky paintings on buildings by the river


sobota, 30 marca 2013

One Day in Kuala Lumpur

I only spent one day in KL, but I can tell that I fell in love with this city! Good vibe, delicious Indian food, amazing Islamic Arts Museum - there's definitely more to KL than just Petronas Towers! 
Nevetheless we started sightseeing with Petronas (of course!). During the day they look just like any other skyscraper, but at nightime - really impressive. They basically shine, i've never seen a builiding so bright! We walked around downtown and after a brunch we took LRT (subway in KL, interesting system for a single ride - tokens) and got to The Islamic Arts Museum. There is a reason why it is so high on Trip Advisor's To-Do in KL list. The entrance with student card is only about 2.50 SGD - great experience for such a small price. Later we visited the National Mosque - pay attantion to the opening hours for non-Muslim tourists to avoid unnecassary waiting. After sushi dinner we spent a little time in a Berjaya Times Square Mall. FYI it has 10 levels of retail stores, but even more impressive - there is a theme park inside! Rollercoaster in a mall? Only in KL! In the evening we hit the SkyBar at Traders Hotel - great view of the KL skyline at night. Perfect end of an amzing day: concert of Backstreet Boys in front of Petronas Towers - all these amazing childhool memories coming back (still can't get 'I want it that way' out of my head!)

Good morning KL

Petronas Towers in the background

Kuala Lumpur Tower

Fountain in front of one of many shopping malls

Petronas again

So worth seeing! Especially the architecture part
is really good

One of many great models of mosques

In the National Mosque of Malaysia
- wearing appropriate clothing

Both girls and guys had to wear violet robes

Main Prayer Hall

Taking break from great Indian food you can get
in Malaysia. (You can't have Indian for breakfast,
lunch and dinner). Sushi gluttony!
Singaporean accent - Tiger beer

In front of Petronas

Petronas at night. View from SkyBar

Backstreet Boys!